Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What else will I be doing this semester?

Yesterday I met with Chef to discuss the timeline of the major two events I would be covering this semester and planning the rest of my free time around creating the employee handbook for the Original Mexican Restaurant. This turned into a spree of adding even more events onto the pile. For my peace of mind's sake, I am going to transfer my notes into here. The more lists, the better, right?

This Saturday I am going to be representing St P as a judge of a high school culinary competition, Skills USA. Yes, a couple of the high schools in San Antonio have culinary programs. It's kind of awesome, and I remember feeling very intimidated when I had a couple kids who graduated from this program in my Basic Food Skills class because I assumed they knew a bajillion more things than me and I was going to be behind. They really do learn quite a bit and this should be a fun competition. Plus, hey, judging = eating food! I'll take pics for sure.

Cowboy Breakfast is the next big event. I have never participated in it before, mostly because I can think of much better ways to spend my 2am than working outside in freezing conditions cooking food. Buuuuut looks like I don't have the option anymore! That's January 28.

February 4 and 5 will be the Rodeo luncheon for 300 people, for which I am to design the menu and egads I need to be doing that NOW! But I need more specs on it. I'll talk to Chef today.

On February 19, there will be a cooking demo of some sort at the Rodeo.

Olives Ole is the next biggie. We are hoping to meet with the director of the event and get the details this week. We will prep for it on 3/25 with his intermediate cooking class and it happens in the Botanical Gardens on 4/1.

And finally, Fiesta. Another event I have lucked out of working every year, alas, no longer. Chef warned me that I will be working long, long hours Tuesday through Friday at their booth. Hey, if I find myself needing to make up hours, this will be a good place to grind 'em out!

There are two "blank" spots in the semester where I can theoretically focus on combining/creating the employee handbooks for waiters, hosts and cooks: between February 19 - March 25, and from April 15 - the end of the semester. I also told Chef that he really needs a website. I of course have no idea how to build a website beyond the joys of blogspot, so I'm not sure what masochistic impulse led me to offer its construction. I was probably riding high on endorphins after hearing all of ^^^^ so I figured hey, what's a little more? Silly me.