Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Objectives and outline

In my Practicum at Auden’s Kitchen, my objectives are to:
• Execute all savory items on the menu, including proteins, pasta, sauces, pizzas and sides by learning and demonstrating a variety of cooking techniques
• Apply excellent organization, time management and sanitation skills to produce food that is consistently safe to eat and served in a prompt manner to meet the needs of the operation
• Develop skill fabricating various cuts of meat and utilizing preparation techniques including mousses, rillettes, confit, etc.
• Learn operation standards for purchasing, receiving, storing and issuing products and understand par stock requirements for the operation

I like Chef Patricia very much. She seems to be very level-headed, passionate without being either abrasive or flighty, and willing to trust that I will prove myself. Unfortunately she doesn't work during my shift, which is....8am to 2pm, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Egads I didn't think chefs knew how to wake up before noon! But I did ask to be morning/early afternoon (so that I have time in the evenings to transcribe shows and actually make a bit of money, this being an unpaid internship and all), and she said the lunch cooks come in at 8am, so there you go.

(Honestly I don't really mind. I love the early shift at any job. The relative quiet and stillness is a great environment for preparing for the day, and it leaves me feeling in control of myself and my surroundings, much more so than arriving in the middle of the rush.)

I will be bringing my knives, tongs and scrapers. No dress code (AK shirts provided there) except hair must be restrained (but not with a hair net and paper toque! Hurray!). I will likely be starting out on prep work and then moving to the line, which is all stuff I need to know to do. I will also probably be getting a daily to-do list to help me meet my objectives. I'm very excited that I thought of the meat fabrication objective. AK works with several types of fish, so I'll finally get practice dressing them, as well as breaking down some pork and ribeyes.

Oh, and Chef Patricia doesn't like the recipe books going home with anyone. She's justifiably protective of her recipes. Shucks, I can't practice making that duck confit pizza.

One week from tomorrow, I start!