Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A new year, a new mission

And conveniently abandoning the old mission! Nothing against restaurant reviews--it was a fun resolution and I learned as much as I ate, which is to say, a lot. But whew, did it catch up with me by the end of the year! Sorry for leaving it in a state of shambles, everyone.

And now for something completely different!

This semester I begin the internship requirement of my culinary school. I have secured unpaid-grunt-work-employment at Auden's Kitchen, which you may remember from this very blog! Since that fateful meal, I've returned twice (high praise from an ADD diner!) and on one of those meetings, I figuratively stumbled into Chef Auden himself and, long story short, he offered me a spot in AK this spring. Cha-ching!

In an hour I meet with his sous chef, Patricia Wenckus, to discuss the schedule, objectives, and other Need To Know info. I have never worked in a professional kitchen before so I am equal parts frenetically excited and apprehensive about making a fool of myself, holding the entire kitchen back during a rush, and/or burning down the building. At least I am not going in with a cocky, "lookit me, I been edumacated!" attitude. Heyyyy, silver lining!

Every week I need to send an update to my advising Chef, Patrick Costello, summarizing what I have learned and done that past week. Since I'll be doing the writing anyway, I thought, why not post it here too? It's not the kaleidoscope of culinary glory that I focused on last year, but it's probably interesting to people not currently working in a restaurant. Anyway, even if this turns into my quietly-updated diary, it will still focus on food--and that's always interesting.

More updates to come after my meeting.