Saturday, July 18, 2009

Won for the money, two for the show....yeah, I'm starting to disgust myself

This will be brief because I went back and made the last entry more thorough, so I have little to talk about yet. I SHOULD be uploading pictures, we only have 130 of them so far, but I don't want to hold everyone back from the day.

Again, up at 6am. Did yoga with Rosie while the boys worked out at the gym. They've been going every day, and yesterday they played basketball as well. Tavis says the people here are so pleasant to play with--they enjoy the game, they're non-competitive in the extreme and compliment each other unequivocally on good plays and good tries alike. The definition of "sportsmanlike." So he was a happy camper.

And before you say anything, nooooo it wasn't just because we're so much taller than everyone. That's somewhat of a myth, really. The size difference is not all that noticeable among our age group. Go figure. (I did get called a model yesterday by a shopkeeper, which was nice, but she also wanted my money so I'm not putting that much stock in it.)

Today, the weather is beautiful and sunny for the first day since we've arrived, so we are rescheduling our abandoned trip to the mud festival after all! Hurray! There will definitely be pics and posts post-mud.

Thank you to those of you on my facebook who posted birthday wishes! It was lovely. Really, we are both so absolutely content to be here with our friends, enjoying this beautiful city, delicious food, and the daily variety of activities. I am so very glad we came.