Monday, July 13, 2009

How prepared are we?

I am packing tee shirts, a shorts, a capri and a skirt. A new Nikon Coolpix L100 with a 50G memory card. Our passports, ID and credit card (which we still need to call and assure our bank that it's us and not a Nigerian prince using overseas). No laptop. Many shoes, due to the very un-Asian enormity of my feet. Notebooks. "Making Out in Japanese." (Which I swear is informative on many more subjects than the titular.) My three faithful companions.

I can say, roughly, "impossible!" "um..." "crap!" "I'm so sorry" "delicious!" "what is it?" "really truly?" And no Korean.

I have researched by reading Lonely Planet's "Tokyo Encounter" and spending hours scanning and as well as briefly consulting our friends who actually live in Japan. Why they were not my first source, I will never fully understand.

I have four nights' stay in Tokyo arranged. No daily itinerary, beyond the basic understanding that I want to shop in Shibuya, ogle in Harajuku, stay the night with Buddhist monks in Koya-san and eat everything everywhere.

Oh yeah, this is happening.