Friday, February 18, 2011

...or am I?

Week of highs and lows. Highs: the Rampage class was fantastic, smooth, faster than expected and the guys had a blast. We were on the local news--there's a possibility my interview segment will be played tomorrow, and if so I'll definitely record and post it. I have pics of our trial run which I'll put up shortly.

Lows: after not hearing from Tom and Laura for the week, I emailed them Thursday inquiring about how things were proceeding. The thing is....they never said "ok you're hired." They said they liked what they heard, and we went off our separate ways. It was only through a slow, gradual process of coming down off that "squee I have a future!" buzz that I realized that I did not in fact know if I was hired. The email response was indecisive as well; they're still "considering." And all of a sudden I feel like a dummy for even mentioning this job to anyone, let alone shouting it from the rooftops like I've been doing.

I didn't even have a chance to rest after the Rampage (which took HOURS to plan, finagle, organize and clean up) before the next alarm began flashing for Olives Ole. It's just relentless. I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed, and the discouragement of not knowing where I stand with the Bakery is not at all helping.

Can I just say that 90% of the stress of this week would have been completely avoided with better communication?

a) We were double-booked in the lab for the Rampage event. Everybody needed the lab and nobody had told everybody else that they needed it, we just all assumed we would be able to use it. I found this out AN HOUR before they showed up, when we had already begun setting everything up for the class. So it took Chef Will squeezing his class into a different lab and letting us use his to resolve that.

b) Why didn't I think to ask Tom at the end of our meeting, "so what is our status right now? When can I expect to hear from you again?" Answer: because I have done exactly one job interview from outside the company; everything else was an internal promotion or was no interview required. I just didn't know. I assumed because they needed a GM and here I was, willing to do everything that they needed, shazam everybody wins. Very silly of me. There's no reason he should have known that I would leave with mixed signals due to my naivete but argh! Wish somebody would have thought to say something sum-up-ish.

c) One of the teachers at our campus is also doing demos on "health & wellness" for Olives Ole. All week we have been trying to get to her to find out what lab she is using--because we sure learned that we can't assume the labs are going to be open just because we desperately need them to be!--and what recipes she is doing because I have to include her ingredients in the requisition that should have been finalized a week ago. That's all. And all she's managed to respond is "my guys are taking care of the dishes, don't worry." THAT'S NOT AN ANSWER. I need the ingredients or they're not getting purchased. It is beyond frustrating to have my reputation on the line for somebody else's failure to communicate.

Can you tell it's been a rough week? At least my weekend responsibilities are minimal; I'm going to try to catch up on my rest and come back recharged next week.

(I will post the Rampage pics and video if we get it, because it really did go well and it's important for me to take time to dwell on my successes too.)