Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuesday, 8/17/10 - Chris Madrid's

Date: 8/17/10
Restaurant: Chris Madrid's
Location: 1900 Blanco
Executive Chef: Joe Sanchez. I'm just kidding, of course it's Chris Madrid.

Well, this is a rather brief blog. A bit of a palate cleanser. Okay, maybe not...if you're cleansing your palate with burgers, I want to meet you immediately. Anyway, we'd heard tell that Chris Madrid serves the best burgers in San Antone, and we had to put that to the test. It was strictly business; just the burgers, ma'am.

Something about burgers puts me in a folksy mood. I'm sure it'll pass.

Chris Madrid's is a hole in the wall. Parking is obnoxious. We wheedled our car into a spot and beheld the palace containing all the mysteries of the burger universe.

Oh yeah, that's the stuff. Mucho trustworthio.

See, now that's what I'm talking about! Best burgers come from honkytonk havens like this.

Tavis has some trepidation.

The menu is basic: about 7 types of burgers, with sides of fries, nachos, and a couple other items like a chicken sammich and tostadas. Margaritas and beer aplenty. They ain't no fancy-pants upscale foie gras burger joint.

I went with the house fave, the tostada burger, which comes with a heap of beans, crunched up tortilla chips and a big old mess of cheese on top of the patty. Tavis went with the classic "holy geez that's a lotta cheddar" burger. They call it the Cheddar Cheezy. I call it "please sir, may I have some more?"

Commence burgering.

Pros: nice grilled buns, abundance of cheddar, and my tostada burger was like an epic satisfying Sonic run where I magically don't have to choose between a burger and a frito chili pie.

Cons: fries were totally skippable. The place is probably a lot more entertaining with a group of friends and some pitchers of margaritas; we missed out on a lot of atmosphere by being so single-minded in our mission. But the big Q is...were these the best burgers in San Antonio? We say nay. Tavis has developed some moderate pride in his burgering and said these fell short. So there it is. Burger snobs 1, CM 0. Have you been? Do you disagree? I'm totally willing to debate the merits of burgerhood. Preferably over burgers.