Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday, 5/4/10 - Fralo's Art of Pizza

Date: 5/4/10
Restaurant: Fralo's Art of Pizza
Location: 23651 I-10 W, outside of 1604 but not quiiiiite to Fair Oaks Ranch where Tavis teaches
Executive Chef: A bunch of late teens/early 20s in baseball caps. God bless 'em!

Fralo's wasn't our original dinner destination last night. We had intentions of visiting Crumpet's and plundering their reputedly well-stocked bakery. However, before dinner we had to be up in Boerne for the district honor choir concert (the last one before they disband for good, actually) and Fralo's was both on the 52 Restaurants and on the way home. Happy serendipity, it was just what we were craving!

Fralo's is a funky, rustic, artsy pizza joint that doubles as a live music venue Thursday through Sunday nights. They are pet-friendly so feel free to bring Shtinky Puddin along for dinner. Due to their proximity to a school, Fralo's can't obtain their liquor license. However, you are free to BYO and they'll keep and cork it for a $5 fee (waived on Wednesdays).

Some of the vintages they're holding for their customers.

Everybody but us was eating outside. Were we missing out? Inside had neat decor provided by local artists, a lack of bugs, and ohhh my goodness such amazing smells coming from across the dining room where our pizzas were being created! If we were part of a group or had our pooches in tow, we'd have sat outside to revel in the evening breeze and starry skies, especially if it was a live music night. Otherwise, we feel we chose wisely.

The menu is pretty impressive, with many creative specialty pizzas on tap as well as an extensive list of options for creating your own 'za. The price is about $24 for a 16" pizza (think large). Silly us, we ordered two and are happily nomming leftovers still. (Actually, that's not silly at all. That's pretty brilliant.)

Oh. Oh the good smells. It was almost impossible to wait.

Pizza #1: one of the house specialties, a "Spanako" pizza brushed in garlic butter and laden with strips of lamb, slices of tomato, big kalamata olives and chunks of feta cheese. We were in greasy bliss.

(Tavis's hand was not actually on the menu; it is there to prevent your eyes from being bigger than your stomach, as ours were. These are big pizzas, yall!)

Pizza #2 and the unanimous winner of the "Inarticulate Drool" award. Tavis made his pizza with fresh mozzarella and goat cheese and topped it with sliced house-made meatballs and portobello mushrooms.

Look at that obscene amount of win. This pizza almost made us cry, it was so so good.

They have a few dessert items which I'll try to remember to try next time; they also have appetizers including calamari, escargots and mozzarella sticks, and a list of pasta entrees if you are tragically allergic to pizza. We had a single focus, and met it admirably.

Returnability: yes, yes, and often. Once I got over my hurt feelings that Tavis loved someone else's pizza more than the ones I make from scratch, I had no problem admitting that this was exceptionally delicious pizza. I would love to throw it up in a head-to-head with Dough, our other happy pizza place. This will be a place to go for groups on summer nights; this will be a place that Tavis stops by on his way home from school to bring dinner to the family. Yes, we'll be back.