Thursday, December 10, 2009

A new adventure is about to begin

Well, it's been several months since we returned from South Korea and Japan. I have retained most of the language fragments we hurriedly crammed into my poor gaijin head, but sadly the memory of the food is best found via photographs. A sorry substitute for the real thing. It's time to bring my taste buds back to life.

Each Tuesday in 2010, Tavis and I will randomly select one restaurant out of a list of 52 that I am in the process of compiling. These range from French bistros to Mexican holes-in-the-wall to New American cuisine, most in the mid-range prices but some higher end as well. San Antonio is not in the top 10 cities nationwide as far as cuisine, but I'll surely be doing my best to find the chicken nuggets in the rough. To keep my mind sharp and my tongue sharper, I'd love to document each week's experience here. Who knows, it may lead to a sweet job offer as Anthony Bourdain's sidekick!

Join me, won't you?